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Sectional Title Act Compliant

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DStv Network installation and Fibre Optic Network installation installed at zero cost to Developers.

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Television remains the most comprehensive, most affordable and most demanded form of entertainment in every household.


Our company specialises in TV Distribution network installation in high density residential buildings and townhouse complexes. Also known as Satellite Network Installation, DSTV Network Installation, Townhouse DSTV Installation or Fibre Optic Network Installation. Due to the vast developments in the TV Industry, Multichoice is to upgrade their channel capacity and quality, scheduled to occur sometime from 2016 to 2017. This impact require that the TV Distribution Network in virtually every high density residential building in SA must be upgraded or replaced as an estimated 99% of these networks currently do not allow or cater for the High Bandwidth. The use of Fibre Optic Networks has rapidly become a major talking point when installing or upgrading a Communal DSTV System or setting up a new Townhouse DSTV Installation.

ESI provides the opportunity to install a new DStv Network installation or a Fibre Optic Network installation or to upgrade an existing DStv Network installation to incorpporate all the bells and whistles demanded by end-users today.

ESI is exclusive in it's offering. Securing the DStv Network installation or the Fibre Optic Network installation on a 60 months Rent-to-Own basis may incorporate additional benefits like:
zero deposit (no Special Levy or Financial Statements required) and/or

- full maintenance (ensure high quality of service for 5 years) and/or

- levy recovery that also generate an income for the Body Corporate (proven as the most effective tool and quickest way to recover
  arrear levies at zero cost to the Body Corporate).

The latest developments in the TV Industry that affect every Body Corporate include

- OVHD (OpenviewHD) a digital satellite TV service that have zero monthly subscriptions, currently offering 14 channels.

- StarSAT, a digital satellite TV service by a Chinese multi-national company.

- DTT (Digital Terrestrial Transmission) service. Roll out is imminent and will also include SABC, E-TV and M-Net Terrestrial channels   
  (like M-Net used to be just better)".

- DVB-S2 Standard require that all 60cm or smaller satellite dishes be replaced with a minimum size of 80cm satellite dishes.

Parallel with this the requirement for Fibre Optic Networks:

Fibre Optic Networks is the new next generation means of transmitting data, voice and multimedia.  In our experience, pre-made cables generally have less loss on them. The Fibre Optic light wave is based on 1310 Nano meters, and uses FC/PC type connectors. Usage of Communal Fibre Optic Installation in buildings are becoming more apparent.

There are two types of Optical Fiber Networks:

1. Satellite only Fiber Optical Communal System.

2. Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Fiber Optical Communal System.

In new developments "Triple-Play" is required, i.e. an integrated Fibre Optic Network distributing TV, Voip/Telephony, Data and Access Control.

We offer these installations on both a cash and a 60 months’ Rent-to-Own basis with or without full maintenance.

Operating mainly in Gauteng since 1987 we have expanded to all the main centres in South Africa. We also simplified the Fault Finding Procedure to make sure we Attend to and Fix every problem is the shortest possible time. Entertaining Systems Incorporated's vision is to setup Fibre Optic Network Installations in all the main centres in South Africa by using only top class installation teams of individually Certified and Educated Network Installers.

Buildings not complying with the Sectional Title Act will now be coverred by more and larger 90cm Satellite dishes as well as Terrestrial Antennas

We look forward to meet the Trustees and discuss the Body Corporate's requirements prior to presenting a quotation via the Managing Agents on a DStv Network installation or a Fibre Optic Network installation or the upgrading of the existing DStv Network installation.

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